It's been a good year for the Business Unit Aviation. We made significant progress on a couple of projects and technology topics.

To name just a few:

  • Huge progress in the projects with next generation LWIR cameras for the “Smart MRTT” program! This also means: for the first time, we are bringing highly sophisticated LWIR camera technology into 24/7 outside surveillance applications on aircraft, making these applications completely independent of daylight.
  • Ongoing demand for Kappa HUD cameras for multiple aircraft, new programs and aircraft upgrades. We have further refined our customization offer.
  • VTOL Maneuver Assistance: A hot topic with enormous potential! We run a great research project (“KAMUK”) with the goal of assisting the VTOL AEV locally and connecting it to the higher-level flight guidance systems. We expect that future solutions developed on that base can be game changers for VTOL applications.

We start into the new year with an energetic mindset, fully focused on delivering great technology for your applications. The outlook is good! If we had one wish free: let it rain microchips for our cameras;)

From all of us here at Kappa’s Business Unit Aviation, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!