Here are our highlights 2021 and what you can expect soon!

  • Congratulations to Aston Martin Lagonda on their revolutionary hypercar Valkyrie! Series production of the AML Valkyrie with the digital sideview mirror from Kappa was started. 
  • We enjoyed spectacular moments at racetracks all over Europe with KTM and their race car X-BOW with the Kappa Racetrack CMS. Thank you KTM, we are proud to be your technology partner!
  • Only a small number of our homologated CMS 1.0, which has been successfully used under racing conditions, is still available.
  • We have expanded the Vision Solutions business unit. With a strengthened team in Germany as well as in Spain, we are more than ready for all future challenges.
  • Sneak preview: The launch of our new CMS product is coming soon. Stay tuned!

 To all our customers, partners & friends, we hope you had a good start to 2022 and look forward to working with you!