The catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria is near! Colleagues at Kappa are directly affected, have friends and family in the earthquake region.

Friends died in the rubble, their families' homes are partly destroyed, their jobs lost, the places of their memories disappeared. What they report shocks us.

Kappa helps unbureaucratically and immediately. We have collected both monetary and goods donations. A task force immediately convened by the management with colleagues from the affected regions has taken over the coordination. Thanks to contacts in the Turkish community, hygiene items donated at Kappa already went to the disaster area last week with a direct transport. We also collected and pre-sorted 100 kilos of clothing donations in-house and handed them over to the German Clothing Foundation with its established channels. The monetary donations collected at Kappa were doubled again by the management. With the money, colleagues with contact in the areas directly support several families who had to leave their homes near Antakya. Thanks to the Kappa Family for organizing this. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families!