Shortage of skilled workers and bureaucracy as bottlenecks.

Fritz Güntzler, CDU Member of the Bundestag for the Göttingen constituency, accompanied by his office manager Christina Brakemeier, visited Kappa optronics. During a tour of the company, the experts for "cameras for everything that drives and flies" presented innovative products, such as the world's first digital car mirror with full approval.

Afterwards, the focus was on current topics that Kappa is dealing with: As a medium-sized company, the company relies on highly qualified and motivated employees, who are increasingly being recruited internationally - the shortage of skilled workers is a pressing issue. Kappa would therefore like to see support from politicians for the internationalization of technical courses of study at Göttingen Universities. A swift streamlining and acceleration of bureaucratic processes could also promote growth in other areas - for example, when it comes to lengthy export procedures or complex procurement processes.

Sebastian Vreemann from the management team: "For us, it is important to be in dialogue with politicians in order to make our topics in the Göttingen SME sector visible in Berlin. I was very pleased about the good and constructive exchange. With Mr. Güntzler, you immediately sense the deep connection with the region."