Meet us in London, 23-26 January 2023!

Top-performing armoured vehicle equipment for safe and efficient operations is more important than ever. Let's meet at the "world's most important meeting place for the armoured vehicle industry".  

We will present our state-of-the-art Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) and Situational Awareness Systems (SAS) for Defense Ground Vehicles, the “Armor Eye” program. A great performance enhancement feature will be highlighted at our booth this year: image fusion. To provide the best driver vision under all lighting conditions we fuse images from LWIR and VIS camera streams. This is a real booster for the perception of image information as the fused realtime image shows much more information than the respective single source images while presenting a natural viewing experience, day & night. See for yourself! 

Also crucial: perfectly maintained gun barrels for reliable operations and optimum firing accuracy over the entire service life of the system. We present our leading-edge inspection system for high-caliber gun barrels RIB 4D, which combines the key assets from laser scanning and camera technology. 

International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAV)

Kappa Booth B11


Christian Henn

Thomas Pfister