Innovative Hahn e-Racetruck with Kappa's Rearview OneBox®

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Team Hahn Racing, a pioneer in truck racing! Featuring Kappa's cutting-edge digital mirror system Rearview OneBox®, the brand-new Hahn e-racetruck is poised to revolutionize the truck racing world.

Hahn Racing with Lukas and Jochen Hahn, the European Vice-Champion, is committed to sustainability and advancing greener practices in truck racing. Their groundbreaking e-racetruck, a world-first from Iveco, promises to set new benchmarks in performance and eco-friendliness.

Kappa's digital mirror Rearview OneBox® will deliver significant benefits, including reduced drag coefficient for optimized aerodynamics and enhanced fuel efficiency. Moreover, it raises safety standards by providing an expanded field of view and exceptional image quality in all weather and light conditions.

Due to pending FIA regulations adjustments, the e-Truck from Hahn Racing will not compete in this season's races, but we are confident that its presence will captivate attention and inspire future innovations! Looking forward to an exciting FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2024!