Self-Parking Car

Kappa cameras for automatic vehicle parking for the handicapped

Huge relief for people with reduced mobility

A fully automatic vehicle parking system for the handicapped will simplify getting in and out of the garage in the future. To create this new solution, Paravan, manufacturer of individual  handicapped-accessible vehicle modifications, brought the experts to the table. Companies who have made a name for themselves with technology-driven concept cars. Among those were IBEO – manufacturer of laser scanner systems – and Kappa optronics with application-specific automotive cameras. Together, they developed a system, suitable for series production.


Self-parking car Paravan, automatic vehicle parking system with Kappa cameras

Self-parking car Paravan, automatic vehicle parking system with Kappa cameras

Drive-by-Wire Technology

The ideal vehicle for this system is based on the new Drive by Wire technology which can digitally control the motor, brakes and steering. The automatic parking system, consisting of a laser scanner, an Ethernet camera and complete actuator technology, integrates seamlessly into the digital controls. Ignition, pulling in and out of parking spaces, and emergency shutdown are all controlled via a tablet, safely, securely and intuitively, from outside the vehicle. Thus, handicapped drivers and passengers can move the vehicle into and out of narrow parking spots without worrying about having room to maneuver wheelchairs and lifts within the parking space itself.


A cooperation of Paravan, Ibeo and Kappa

Über die Paravan GmbH

Paravan GmbH

Since 1998, Paravan founder Roland Arnold has developed new and innovative products in the area of handicapped mobility.  Approximately 140 employees individually develop and produce custom adaptive driving products.  These include automobile conversions, power wheelchairs, exercise training machines, seating solutions, ramp systems, wheelchair loading systems and hand devices.    Paravan’s  road certified drive-by-wire system, Space Drive, with an active redundancy uses a joystick steering system with multiple safety backups and is now being used world-wide.

Über Ibeo Automotive Systems:

Ibeo Automotive Systems:

Ibeo is the market leader in developing the high-tech laser scanners used by the automotive industry for environmental detection. The  engineers use their expertise to develop algorithms that process raw laser scanner data and provide a high-level, object-based interface. This object-based representation of the environment is the basis for advanced driver assistance and active safety systems such as autonomous driving, automatic emergency breaking, adaptive cruise control, and pre-crash. Automotive OEMs and tiers typically install Ibeo’s high-end laser scanners as reference systems on their test vehicles during test track and public road testing in order to verify the performance of their mass-production sensors.



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