State-of-the-art Driver Vision Enhancer for latency-free all-round vision: At Kappa, a team experienced in tanks puts their heart and soul into the project.

Manuel Lüdtke, Project Manager BU Defense:

"As a former tank driver, I know the situation from my own experience. I know what tank drivers need - and also what is possible today. A system like the Kappa DVE makes a huge difference in the field. That's what drives us, that's what we work for."

"Military driver was my first assignment in the Bundeswehr. In 12 years, I spent many years in the field as a driver, gunner and commander with various tanks. Leo2, SPZ Marder, TPZ Fuchs, and many more.  I know about the conditions in tanks, how you have to bend under hatch to get the best possible view of the outside in the angle mirror and still remain partially blind. In the beginning, we didn't even have rearview cameras."

Today, as project manager of our Driver Vision Enhancer systems, I want to get the most out of what is technically possible for the comrades outside: the best all-round view under hatch, latency-free vision without "nausea". This is how we achieve the best performance for the mission and, above all, safe operations without unnecessary risks for the comrades. In our business unit Defense, I work as a project manager for DVE systems with a very experienced team of developers. Everyone knows exactly what it's all about and what our technology means for the comrades in the field."