For many years Kappa has been a sponsor of the successful Blue Flash Team of the HAWK University of Applied Sciences. We are looking forward to the new racing season!

Every year the Blue Flash Team inspires with huge commitment, innovative technologies and fast high voltage vehicles. With the E_HAWK22, the students will compete in several Formula Student Electric competitions in Germany and the Netherlands this season, including some driverless disciplines for the first time. The computing platform required for this is provided by Kappa.  As sponsors, we are particularly pleased about the many interesting connections that have grown with the Blue Flash team and the dedicated HAWK University of Applied Sciences - for example, the Kappa group at this year's rollout event also involved some Blue Flash alumni in Kappa gear?.

As the largest accessible classic car collection in Europe with a sense of modern mobility, the PS.Speicher in Einbeck was the perfect location for the event. We thank you for the great evening and keep all fingers crossed for the upcoming competitions!