Pure aerodynamic design without classic side mirrors!

Instead of classic side mirrors, the new KTM X-Bow GTX rand GT-2 rely on a latency-free camera monitor system (CMS) from Kappa optronics. The high-tech system with two cameras and two screens on the right and the left of the vehicle respectively in the cockpit is aerodynamically optimized. This absolute latest technology is designed specifically for the requirements of race cars, but will also be approved for road traffic. 

Whether in low sun, blinding headlights or darkness, the sophisticated sensor technology offers drivers outstanding performance in any racing situation. Particularly important for race cars: the extremely wide field of view for superior side visibility. Dispensing with classic side mirrors also enables an optimized aerodynamic design of the vehicle. On the race track, this is not just an aesthetic benefit, but a tough competitive advantage that can - hopefully - be measured in seconds. 

KTM’s technology partner for the CMS system is Kappa optronics, one of the world's most experienced suppliers of camera monitor systems as a successor to the classic side mirror. A high-tech German company, Kappa optronics delivers sophisticated, latency-free CMS technology, customizable design and reliable homologation for road traffic use. The focus is on hyper cars, luxury cars and sports cars. KTM has already upped the ante on super sports cars (X-BOW GTX and X-BOW GT2 Concept) with CMS technology from Kappa optronics, and enters the race for the first time this season with a CMS on the KTM X-Bow GT2.  

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