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Homologated Digital Rearview Mirror (CMS)

Camera Monitor Systems - The Automotive Mirror-Replacement

In the automotive field, Kappa takes the lead as the camera developer of cutting-edge innovations for concept cars and series. Our emphasis rests on pioneering visualization systems as mirror-replacement for next generation vehicles. We focus above all else on highly regulated, safety-related uses that lie far beyond the level of ordinary driver-assistance systems. Our goal here as well is to offer the outstanding image quality that drivers are already accustomed to in other areas of their lives.

The digital rearview mirror for VW XL1 from Kappa is the first and only camera monitor system (CMS) with road traffic certification. Our digital wing mirror systems for vehicles serve as replacement for a conventional mechanical wing mirror. Their purpose is to transfer a live video stream from one side of the vehicle to an in-vehicle display offering a rear view to the driver. For a full replacement of both wing mirrors on a vehicle, two independent digital wing mirror systems are needed, one for each side of the vehicle.

Especially rugged cameras for rough environmental conditions are our forte. For use in passenger vehicles, we develop shock- and vibration- and temperature resistant cameras (-7°C up to +50°C) and also IP 69K (waterproof) is standard. 


Kappa Automotive Camera Display Set

Set Automotive Camera Monitor System

Kappa Automotive Rearview Mirror Camera

Kappa Automotive Rearview Mirror Camera

Kappa Automotive Rearview Mirror Camera - homologated for road traffic

Kappa Automotive Rearview Mirror Camera - homologated for road traffic

Digital rearview mirror CMS

Extended field of vision, improved safety!
Aerodynamic efficiency
Aesthetic experience
Advanced design


Your benefits with Kappa:

Complete systems (camera, monitor, cable)
Frozen image detection, extremely high dynamic range, avoidance of flickering
CMS compliant with ISO26262, compliant to ISO 16505 and ECE-R46
Kappa is pioneering in CMS systems with road traffic homologation – your most experienced development partner worldwide!


Complex light conditions - avoidance of flickering

Slow, fast, bright, dark, forward, backwards, disturbing optical effects: technologically, thanks to multi-level application-specific control algorithms and extremely high dynamic range we master typical driving situations and the specific, complex light relationships in road traffic. Pulsed light, highlights, and sun low on the horizon – problems solved.


Rigid-flex technology for the smallest design

Cameras in passenger vehicles must be designed to be extremely space saving, as a rule. Here, we rely on Rigid-Flex PCB technology. It allows us to combine the necessary mobility in optics, electronics, and mechanics, and still fit into the tightest spaces available. One further advantage of this technology is the elimination of disruptive effects caused by connectors.


Optics design

To address future applications, adaptive optics design is another key issue. As a consortium leader, Kappa draws upon a strong network of highly specialized partners, particularly in the high-end area. We work closely with renowned institutes and optics manufacturers.


Application-specific signal processing

For demanding automotive applications, the complete spectrum of Kappa’s signal processing is fully ex-ploited, stretching far beyond current camera standards. We offer exhaustive, application-specific signal processing and algorithms to compensate for unavoidable optical characteristics such as distortion or trimming correction. Overlays can be superimposed onto images and camera data can be made available to other on-board networks. Frozen image detection provides safety.

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Standardized processes for development and manufacturing, ISO 26262, ISO 16505, ECE-R 46

Safe technology: our safety management assures our products’ functional safety using all required methods. The relevant procedures and analyses apply to all phases of design and manufacture. Thus, our cameras qualify for approval as a critical component of the vehicle anywhere in the world.


Kappa G2G (glass-to-glass) with ultra low latency in 47.4 ms, based onHDC3 camera platform:

  Delta [ms] Sum [ms]
Integration time 16.7 16.7
Frame memory 16.7 33.4
Processing 2.0 35.4
Display 12.0 47.4



Set up for series production

All concepts and their technical realization, from components to manufacturing procedures, are conceptualized and designed for industrial mass production.  The applied technologies can be transferred into ASIC and can be produced and tested using automated procedures.


Technical details

Perfectly tuned to the dimensions of video and camera networks in the vehicle.

Distances from a few centimeters up to 15 meters.

Data rates of up to 3 Gbit/sec.

Bidirectional single cable connection for control, uncompressed video signals and power supply.

Accessories such as plug connectors and conductive material for the demands of the automotive field.


Robust automotive interface

For automotive applications, we work with, among others, the APIX2® (Automotive Pixel Link) interface from Inova Semiconductors. This interface is designed for the specific needs of the auto industry and offers data rates of up to 3 Gbit/sec.


Video Stream with Kappa rearview camera – homologated for road traffic

Kappa automotive camera solution with adaptive image processing (Kappa HDRadapt) such as day/night control loops and special design automotive lens. The reduction of the amount of light by using a moving iris allows long exposure times and the avoidance of flickering effects.  The excellent adaption is combined with the readability and recognizability of pulsed light sources.

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