Vision Solutions

Tailor-made camera solution to maximize your entire system’s performance.

Vision Solutions

No compromise: customer-specific camera solutions are our strength!


Camera Monitor Systems - The Automotive Mirror-Replacement fits perfectly for Hypercars and Supercars.

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Certifiable Train Eye Vision systems for efficiency leap in shunting operations (SIL 2/ SIL 3)

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Power Distribution

Live-Monitoring of Switches & Breakers for Medium- and High-Voltage. Minimizing risk to human operators is key.

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Kappa optronics | Business Unit Vision Solutions: We drive your vision!

Kappa has more than 40 years of experience in cameras and vision systems in rugged and certifiable designs for anything that drives or flies. Furthermore, we are focused on innovations. The world´s first car fitted with a homologated CMS (camera monitor system) instead of traditional wing mirrors – the VW XL1 with a Kappa CMS. Today, Kappa is one of the world's most experienced suppliers of camera monitor systems as a successor to the classic side mirror focusing on hypercars, luxury cars, and sports cars.

We ensure maximum performance of our vision systems under tough environmental conditions for the best end-user experience. Realistic colors, best contrast behavior, highest dynamic range, lowest latency allow all users in the automotive, rail, and switchgear business to make safe decisions based on the provided images.

Our outstanding and adaptable design for each component gives every customer a high level of design freedom to integrate our products into their higher-level systems. Our development is based on common and accepted functional safety standards allowing an optimally supported and smooth homologation of our customer's product.