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Christian Henn, Business Development Defense Land | Kappa optronics
Christian Henn
Business Development Defense Land
Phone: +495508974199
Eva Konta, Lead Management | Kappa optronics
Eva Konta
Lead Management
Alfons Rosenthal, First Level Support, Technical Specialist | Kappa optronics
Alfons Rosenthal
First Level Support
Phone: +495508974148
Jens Recke, Order Management | Kappa optronics
Jens Recke
Order Management
Phone: +4955089740
Kappa optronics, USA Sales and Service Team, Nicolas Pataki
Nicolas Pataki responsible Experte for Service in the Kappa USA Team.
Telefon: +
Nicolas Pataki
Service | North America
Fabian Claus, Business Unit Manager Vision Solutions | Kappa optronics
Fabian Claus
Business Unit Manager Vision Solutions
Phone: +4955089740
Marucie Knapp, Kappa optronics Inc., USA Team Expert
Maurice Knapp
President Kappa USA | North America
Phone: +16262564343
Cristina Cebriano, Key Account Manager | Kappa optronics
Cristina Cebriano Hernández
Key Account Manager | Kappa Spain
Doris Keil, Sales Backoffice | Kappa optronics
Doris Keil
Sales Assistant
Phone: +495508974125
Daniela Jende, Sales Backoffice | Kappa optronics
Daniela Jende
Sales Assistant
Phone: +4955089740
Patrick Hein, Business Unit Manager Defense Land | Kappa optronics
Patrick Hein
Business Unit Manager Defense Land
Alice Habermann, Sales Backoffice | Kappa optronics
Alice Habermann
Sales Assistant
Phone: +495508974231
Axel Zimmer, Business Unit Manager Aviation | Kappa optronics
Axel Zimmer
Business Unit Manager Aviation
Phone: +4955089740
Dr. Claus Romano
Head of Inside Sales
Pascal Greinke
Program Manager Aviation | Defense
 Harold O'Grady, Kappa optronics Inc., USA Team  Account Manager
Harold O'Grady
Key Account Manager USA | North America
Phone: +1612 2581247
Christian Henn, Kappa optronics Business Unit Defense Land, Development Manager
Christian Henn
Business Development Defense
Sarah Pietschmann, Human Resources | Kappa optronics
Sarah Pietschmann
Human Resources
Phone: +495508974244
Anna Setale, Key Account Manager Automotive | Kappa optronics
Anna Setale
Sales Manager Automotive
Phone: +495508974190
Kappa optronics Technical Support Specialist, Oliver Lorenz
Oliver Lorenz
First Level Support
Kappa optronics Team Human Resources, Katrischa Zarins
Katrischa Zarins
Human Resources
Thomas Pfister
Sales Engineer | Business Unit Defense Land
Phone: +495508974199
Manuel Lüdtke
Business Unit Manager Defense-Land
Phone: +4955089740
Paulo Amorim
Service Engineer USA | North America
Phone: +12676437787
Greg Talarowski
Pre-Sales Engineer
Phone: +491603608228
Benjamin Kaltenhäuser
Order Management
Phone: +495508974149
Sabine Brinkmann
Head of Marketing
Phone: +4955089740
Christian Stübner
International Sales Engineer

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