Vision Solutions for Heavy Duty Machinery

Scalable camera systems for mining machine vehicles, earthmoving machines, forestry and agricultural machines

Precise and efficient working with heavy duty machinery in mining, construction and agriculture is extremely challenging. Kappa’s reliable camera and vision solutions provide a technical edge for users and operators. Of course, blind spots are a thing of the past. Our high-performance camera solutions cover the operational areas and work processes and thus improve safety and efficiency of staff and machinery. Benefit from our unparalleled experience in a wide range of demanding applications!

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Scalable Solutions

  • High-quality CMS systems for all common construction vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and other heavy-duty environments
  • Turnkey solutions with flexible design / scalable housing solutions
  • Perfect customization and integration
  • FoV from selectable focus on key work areas up to 360° surround view


  • Multispectral LWIR/VIS solutions for day & night vision, 24/7
  • Latency-free < 16.6 ms / 60 fps operation
  • In scene dynamic range 130 dB
  • Safety functions (freeze frame / latency check)

Proven Rugged Design

  • Operating temperature -30°C to 75°C
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Professional EMC approach
  • Fully qualified according to the related standards: environmental requirements (DIN EN 60529 / DIN EN 60068), EMI requirements (ISO 13766-1:2018 / ISO 14982:1998)


Vision for heavy duties


Minimized accident risks


Perfect view, efficient work

Eva Konta, Lead Management | Kappa optronics Eva Konta, Lead Management | Kappa optronics

Eva Konta

Lead Management

Fabian Claus, Business Unit Manager Vision Solutions | Kappa optronics Fabian Claus, Business Unit Manager Vision Solutions | Kappa optronics

Fabian Claus

Business Unit Manager Vision Solutions

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