Cameras "Made in Germany"

Kappa optronics GmbH manufactures at its own German location, and is globally competitive with products in price-performance ratio.

Kappa optronics Production department

Highly qualified manufacturing employees

We are proud of our highly qualified team with very minimal turnover. Our team grows organically. We train our new electricians ourselves to meet our high standards. Using continuous internal and external training on core processes, for example, we continue to develop our know-how to a high level. Employees in manufacturing are trained and certified to IPC-A-610. The principle of teamwork that takes responsibility for its own product has been retained. Kappa’s variety of products with changing processes motivates employees well beyond the norm.


Manufacturing technology for the most demanding industries: we manufacture to industry standard IPC-Class 2, or as customer requirements dictate, to the strictest class IPC-3.

Process safety Kappa optronics GmbH

With our process-driven production, we provide sustainable results and we are happy to respond to special requirements. Production audits are a part of many customers’ programs. Our production processes are, of course, regularly audited by accredited certification bodies.

Automated manufacturing

By continually expanding automated production share, we continually pursue our goal of zero-error production. Our electronic and mechanical production is always state-of-the-art. Extremely precise measurement equipment is continually adapted to the manufacturing process. Automated manufacturing processes are controlled with HORST company software. Among the functions HORST controls is automatic camera configuration and calibration, for example with automatic channel balancing and defect pixel correction, depending upon the model series. All measurements and placements in the process are automatically filed in the camera data bank and transferred for issuing ATR documents. Advantages this procedure offers include traceability and error inimization. Furthermore, expanding or eliminating individual manufacturing steps can be accomplished flexibly.

Tests: aligned with customer requirements

We implement all necessary test procedures in production processes. We'll create an appropriate testing concept if needed, expand our portfolio to include needed test procedures, or take over test steps on behalf of our customers. Scalable test procedures provide adaptation to customer requirements that focus on economics as well.

More about tests

What we do ourselves and what we trust to others

A strong network of partners and suppliers makes it possible for us to scale our assembly capacity intelligently and flexibly for you. In routine tasks, we work with reliable suppliers, while final programming and integration are exclusively reserved for our own production. It goes without saying that integrated quality assurance and the highest standard of documentation are requisite. Batch traceability of all significant components is, without exception, the standard in short- as well as long-term relationships. Clean room manufacturing to customer-specific requirements is offered in various clean room classes according to ISO 14644-1.

Highly qualified special production

We offer prototype production as well as complex series production for our customers.

More about measuring concepts, testing equipment etc.

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