We are proud of the efficient energy measures we have implemented in 2022. And we will go much further!

We work with our customers to make Europe a safer place and protect democratic systems and at the same time we feel very much on duty to protect our planet, too!

Actions we took after energy warning stage 2 (June 23rd) declared by Minister Robert Habeck:

  • turned off all warm water taps next day
  • run down our natural gas driven CHP plant (BHKW) within 2 days
  • heaters for warm water drastically reduced all over our premises

--> reduced 50% of our natural gas consumption (summer) and still save around 30% (winter)
Further actions since then:

  • analysis of all energy streams (1 week)
  • energy saving concepts (1 week)
  • investment plan and financing (2 weeks)
  • RFQ, finance concept, order and planning of a solar system  (installment will be carried out Jan/Feb 2023)
  • refurbishment heating systems
  • installed battery chargers for our employees e-cars (commissioned in August 22)
  • reduced amount of lamps and smartened control of electricity for all supply systems (light, compressed air, laboratories, power supplies etc.)

In 2023 we will start our new campaign “Kappa Green Days” together with our supply chain and our customers. It is all about us and about speed. 

(text based on LinkedIn post by Johannes Overhues, CEO, November 25, 2022)