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Your expert for application-specific cameras and vision systems

Our Kappa film - see how we develop a project camera, our teams and all the project steps in 2 minutes.

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Executive Team Kappa optronics 2018

Kappa Executive Team, from left to right: Stefan Ilse (COO), Axel Zimmer (CTO), Christian Stickl (CEO), Sebastian Vreemann (CSO), Arnd-Dietrich zur Horst (CFO)

Scalable Customer Series

  • Industrial cameras, medium batches and mass production
  • Highly complex systems in small quantities

Distinguishing Features

  • Modular high performance portfolio
  • Integration capacity into higher level systems
  • Highest signal quality under the most difficult environmental conditions
  • Design assurance and qualification to the highest standards

Kappa Profile

Customer-specific development of CCD and CMOS cameras for diverse - industries since 1985
Continual organic growth
Concentration on project business with application-specific camera series and systems
Kappa international | Germany | USA (1991)
130 employees approx. 
40% of personnel in R&D



ISO 9001 (Industry)
EN | AS 9100 (Aerospace)


Kappa Germany| Head Office

Kappa optronics GmbH
Kleines Feld 6
37130 Gleichen

Tel +49.5508.974.0
Fax +49.5508.974.100 



Kappa USA

Kappa optronics Inc. 
825 Primrose Ave., Unit I
Monrovia, CA 91016

Tel +1.626.256.4343