New Space SE 320 Camera

Kappa Space Eye SE 320: Versatile Camera for Space Applications

Space Eye Camera for Use on Research Rockets, Launch Vehicles or Carrier Rockets and Satellites

The Kappa Space Eye is being used in a sounding rocket program. The camera is integrated into the sounding rocket’s outer hull where it monitors the engine. Likewise, monitoring of further rocket functionalities for experiments’ sequences and the experiments themselves is expected. Compressed data for this purpose is transmitted live in Full HD and at a high data rate to the ground station.

Space Qualification: Cameras used in space are exposed to especially tough conditions in space, particularly as regards mechanical stresses as well as temperature range. Along with extraordinary shock and vibration resistance, Kappa Space Eye cameras offer specific thermal management for operation under vacuum conditions. The SE 320 is SWaP-optimized, a prerequisite for all applications in space.

H.264 Dual Stream Capability: One particular advantage versus non-streaming cameras: The SE 320 generates H.264-compressed video streams directly and does not require an additional encoder. A H.264 high quality/high resolution stream with a high data rate and a H.264 standard stream with a lower data rate/bandwidth are available on the dual stream camera.

Kappa Space Eye SE 320: Versatile Camera for Space Applications

The versatile Full HD SE 320 Space Eye Camera Kit was developed for various space applications. Extreme robustness for use on space rockets and thermal management designed for vacuum conditions qualify this SWaP-optimized system for space environments (SWaP = reducing size, weight, and power). High-quality streams are transmitted via existing telemetry hardware directly from the camera to the ground station in selectable bandwidth.


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