CMS for Trucks, Buses & Municipal

Digital mirrors for large vehicles: great safety wins & environmental benefits

Digital mirrors from Kappa fully replace conventional mirrors. HD external digital cameras are working in perfect harmony with our custom high-tech ECUs and our variety of automotive display monitors in the cabin of trucks.

Convincing advantages:
aesthetics, aerodynamics, safety, environmental protection

  • Elimination of driver blind spots, a much better field of view and improved safety for everyone on the road and on the street – day and night.
  • Striking improvement of vision in dark/night conditions as well as in difficult weather conditions as rain, snow, fog.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption or battery energy saving, thanks to much better aerodynamics.


We are your partner for digital mirrors!

Full automotive-grade systems

We design and develop our systems based on the most demanding automotive tests & validation procedures, processes, and quality controls. We take care of the PPAP process and provide all the help and information that this demanding market requires.

Great flexibility on the display options

Customers benefit from outstanding flexibility in our Hardware architecture, which allows us to create a seamless integration of displays and ECUs.  Another great benefit of our modular design is that we can offer several display sizes under the same architecture design. Customers can choose the optimum display for each project or even combine different display shapes in the same vehicle.

Kappa covers the whole product life cycle

A single source partner for your project: Kappa can take care of the whole project cycle. Designing, developing, and doing the industrialization of the whole project with all system components (camera wing arms, display housings, display modules, cameras, and ECUs), we guide your project with a dedicated and experienced team of experts and manufacture your product under the most demanding certifications, such as IATF 16949.

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CMS technology boosts safety on the road!

Better driver visibility day & night and under all lighting conditions

The advantages of CMS systems over classical mirrors are enormous, especially for large vehicles. They provide superior driver vision in all lighting conditions and under any challenging weather scenario. Vision is as intuitive as conventional rearview vision, but better - more precise and free of glare or reflections even in bright backlight or darkness.

FoV: superior view of all critical areas 

The field of view is significantly increased and all critical viewing areas are safely covered. Drivers can thus quickly and reliably assess their surroundings and potential hazardous situations. They benefit from optimum support during all driving maneuvers.

Auto-Panning: safe maneuvers with the trailer's tail always in view

Besides the dangerous blind spot issues of classic mirrors, vision when maneuvering with a trailer is a huge challenge for drivers of large vehicles. Here too, the digital mirror comes with a solution: thanks to the auto panning function, drivers never lose the view of the trailer’s tail and are able to perform all maneuvers safely.

"Sentinel" Feature: theft protection feature for parked vehicles & cargo

An integrated Sentinel function can be offered to monitor the surroundings of your vehicle, so your cargo and fuel can be guarded. The driver simply activates the function through a button located, e.g., in the sleeper cab. So, in case of any suspicious events in the camera’s field of view, a warning signal (visual or with sound) will be activated. This is an additional benefit of the camera systems that saves further security systems.

EU targets for CO2 reduction: digital mirrors help reducing consumption

Reducing emissions from large vehicles is currently one of the most urgent challenges - and the digital mirror is part of the solution. Aerodynamic designs with streamlined digital mirrors instead of bulky exterior mirrors reduce consumption, emissions, and costs, while increasing the range of vehicles.

Best-in-class with great choice of displays

Kappa digital mirrors for trucks come with light-sensitive Full HD cameras working at 60 fps and an unmatched low system latency - the core features to provide uninterrupted smooth vision even on big displays needed for large vehicles. Great choice of 10.25’’ / 12.3’’ and 15.6’’ displays!

Best-in-Class: Digital Mirrors from Kappa optronics

  • Mirror classes II, IV, V & VI | ECE R46
  • 2 cameras per wing arm (Full HD 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps)
  • Display sizes 10.25’’ / 12.3’’ and 15.6’’, others on request
  • Long and short arm versions for cabs with / without overhang
  • Great display integration to fit modern, ergonomic cab layout
  • Customized versions also in small series
  • can fulfill IATF 16949 | Homologation ISO26262 | ASIL-B | on going for FMVSS 111 exemption approval
  • Outstanding vision in all lighting conditions | best-in-class night vision
  • Full HD technology at 60 fps | unmatched low system latency
  • Zero-blind-spot technology
  • Automatic display brightness control for relaxed vision in all light conditions
  • Heated glass with manual or automatic de-icing/de-misting
  • Proven rugged design for vehicles running on extreme conditions
  • Auto panning: safe maneuvering with the trailer’s tail in view
  • Integration of additional functions, e.g., theft protection for cargo / fuel ("Sentinel")
  • Aerodynamic advantages: Reduction of consumption & CO2 emissions by 2 % / rrange increase for electric vehicles

Drivers love digital mirrors - and so do assurances!

Superior vision, safe maneuvering never losing the view of the trailer’s tail, relaxed sleep for drivers while the Sentinel function safely guards the vehicle surroundings, fuel and cargo – a technology that takes the strain off truck drivers! 

LUIS Technology & Kappa optronics

A strong technology partnership: LUIS & Kappa optronics

Kappa optronics offers high-performance digital mirrors for large vehicles in partnership with LUIS Technology GmbH, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of camera-monitor and driver assistance systems. We join our expertise and experience to provide outstanding solutions for our customers.

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