We have set up a virtual show booth to present our unique range of dedicated aviation cameras, from Flight Test (FTI) to pilot view in fixed-wing, jets, helicopters, eVTOL, UAV, and space applications.

Get to know our newly expanded modular Flight Eye Series with mature, certifiable models, available as anti-reflection cockpit version or in the classic FTI housing! 

We will also update you on our state-of-the-art ED-155 crash recording solutions - due to the impending regulation (mandatory from September 2022) there is urgent need for action for lightweight aircraft OEM's and operators.

From wherever you’ll be joining us: We look forward to seeing you!

ETTC’21 will focus on the ongoing digital transformation and the testing and telemetry challenges allied to the latest innovations developed in the world of transport.

Registration Link (free)

Contact: Bodo Kriening