Efficiency Leap in Shunting Operation with Kappa Train Eye Solutions


On track for the future of rail operations with certifiable railway vision solutions!

Efficiency Leap in Shunting Operation with Kappa Train Eye Solutions

Safe one-person operation for the last mile

  1. Save time
  2. Move more tonnage
  3. Minimize accident risks
  4. Reduce costs


Rail transport is facing a massive challenge in the future to move more tonnage in less time, more economically, and more safely, all while dealing with current staffing shortages. Camera-based solutions provide drastic, rapid support, building upon existing resources, and infrastructure. Our new Train Eye program concept encompasses mobile entry-level solutions to improve safety and efficiency, up to complete driver vision and driver assistance systems.


Train Eye

Train Eye Vision Module

Train Eye Remote Unit

Train Eye Remote Unit

Train Eye Display

Train Eye Display

We are your partner for digitizing the last mile!

Fabian Claus, Business Manager Vision Solutions

Fabian Claus, Bu Manager Vision Solutions

Our upgradable Train Eye solutions are sustainable steps on the path to automatic shunting operation with pull and push shunting movements.

Step 01

Shunting video assistant Train Eye "Move" and the system
Train Eye "Shunter" ensure safe one-person operation.

Increase shunting operations with low-threshold investments within structures already in place. >>>


Step 02

Train Eye upgrades with the Driver Assistance Package provide additional safety and relief with signal detection, obstacle detection, and alert function. >>

Step 03

Integrating Train Eye solutions into partially or fully automated shunting operations sustainably ensures future viability.


Train Eye Move

Next-Level Shunting with Remote Driver Vision

With the entry-level Train Eye Move, staff can visually shunt extremely long blocks safely in one-man operation. Plug & Go: The lightweight video box is mounted magnetically onto the necessary end of the train and transfers sight forward, latency-free, to the shunting staff – totally simple.


Train Eye Move Solutions for Shunting Operations: Great instant impact: an entry-level smart tool for versatile use on all rail cars!

Train Eye Move Solutions for Shunting Operations - Great instant impact: an entry-level smart tool for versatile use on all rail cars!

  • Light mobile box on the last car < 5 kg
  • Equipped with 1-2 cameras
  • Battery operated, easy on-the-fly exchange
  • Handy magnetic fixture
  • SOTV Safe-on-time video
  • Intuitive Handling
  • Optional: Berne rectangle, LWIR, Image Fusion, SIL 2 / SIL 3

Train Eye Shunter

Next-Level Shunting with RC Shunting Vision Set-Up

With Train Eye Shunter, an existing shunting locomotive fleet can be retrofitted for safe remote operation. 2 video boxes with additional radar/LIDAR sensors are permanently mounted onto the locomotive in front and back. The system is connected to the radio remote control. Shunting staff steer off rail — or even from the office.


Train Eye Shunter - Next-Level Shunting with RC Shunting Vision Set-Up. Upgrade your locomotive fleet!

Train Eye Shunter - Next-Level Shunting with RC Shunting Vision Set-Up. Upgrade your locomotive fleet!

  • System with 2 built-in boxes on the locomotive
  • 2 cameras for front view (1 VIS, 1 LWIR), 1 camera for track view (distances of approx. 200 m), and close-range view (Berne rectangle)
  • Integration into wireless remote control
  • LiDAR/RADAR distance measurement
  • Image Fusion VIS/LWIR
  • SOTV
  • Optimized for operation in harsh environments
  • Optional SIL 2 / SIL 3


With our shunting video assistance Train Eye Shunter, shunting operators can control the engine independently via remote control. 


Upgrade package Train Eye Driver Assistance

Meet any future challenges!

  • Reliable detection and recognition of persons, obstacles, signals, shoes in the structure gauge and Berne rectangle
  • Enhanced operating safety due to accident-avoiding assistance functions
  • with acoustic and visual warning signals
  • Crash recording



SOTV: Wireless Safe-On-Time Video

Transmission (LTE | 5G | RF)

Latest camera technology

Multispectral LWIR/VIS solutions for day & night vision, 24/7 

Latency-free < 16.6 ms / 60 fps operation

In scene dynamic range 130 dB

Operating temperature -30°C to 75°C

Safety functions (freeze frame / latency check)

Anti-fog heating

Turnkey solutions with flexible design / scalable housing solutions

Standards and safety requirements

Processes in hardware and software and software development as well as in manufacturing according to the strict requirements of the rail industry, e.g.:

EN 50126: Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
EN 50128: Software for railway control and protection systems
EN 50129: Safety related electronic systems for railway applications
EN 12663: Mechanics
EN 50167: IT Security

Your Expert partner for certifiable solutions SIL 2 / SIL 3

Certifiable vision systems for safety-critical applications are our core business. Eye-level communication and thorough understanding
of your particular requirements constitute the basis for our solutions.


Shunting Locomotive with Video Assistant (pilot system)

Shunting Locomotive with Video Assistant (pilot system)

© | Test Phase Kappa Shunting Video Assistant

Loose shunting | Hump shunting

Video assistance systems can support loose shunting | hump shunting movements without additional staff at the front end. With the video assistance system, the driver/switcher can view the track/structure gauge at a distance of several hundred meters in front of the train on a display. This allows for the recognition of hazardous situations and to avoid accidents.

Intuitive, ergonomic handling

Simple means secure. Advanced vision technology delivers conclusive images even under the worst visibility conditions in poorly lit shunting railyards, such as backlight or darkness. The clear design provides all relevant information at a glance and supports rapid decisions. The system is optimized in weight and size.

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