Certifiable Rugged Cameras for Rail Vision Applications

Certifiable Railway Vision Solutions SIL 2 / SIL 3

Railway Cargo Vision Solutions

Rail freight has taken on a key role in light of climate protection; as part of the move to greener logistics, it is about to undergo a massive expansion. We support the rail freight sector in this challenge with highly advanced vision solutions. When improving safety and increasing efficiency using vision systems is involved, we are your expert. You can depend on our broad, deep experience for your systems’ certification!


Shunting Video Assistance System

Shunting Video Assistance System

Efficient, safe railyard operations with driverless locomotives

With our shunting video assistance, shunting operators can control the engine independently via remote control. The system consists of two vision modules on the front and rear of the engine. Images are projected onto the shunting operator’s ergonomic head-mounted display (or display) with the lowest possible latency.

Intuitive, ergonomic handling

Simple means secure. With the head-mounted display operated via knob control, railyard operators’ hands are free for remote control.

Better than the Human eye!

Advanced vision technology delivers conclusive images even under the worst visibility conditions, such as backlight or darkness, in poorly lit shunting railyards and even in fog (fog penetration).


Shunting Video Assistance System
Visual HD cameras
Thermal cameras
Image fusion
LTE transmitter with lowest latency (priority SIM possible)
Soon: virtually latency-free with 5G (uncompressed data rate)
Distance measurement with laser technology, e.g. LIDAR, ToF (Time of Flight)
Operating temperature - 20…+ 60°C
SIL 2/ SIL 3 certification possible

Driver Assistance System ADAS

Safety using smart support     

Forward-thinking advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) increase safety and reduce accident risk, also in rail transport. ADAS systems make driving decisions and sound warnings within fractions of a second. In dangerous situations, they can even take control directly (emergency stop). High-performance camera technology with the lowest latency possible delivers optimal results, even under the most difficult vision conditions (darkness, fog, backlight).


ADAS Functions
Secure recording of all sensor data (similar to black box)
GPS signal for position sensing
Trackside signal detection
Object detection on and next to the road (vehicles, persons) during the day or night (even in poor light conditions)

Object detection in the locomotive’s buffer area (Bern rectangle)

Emergency stop for locomotives (distance detection)
Recognition of switch stand

Detection of obstacles on the tracks (such as brake shoes)

SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) certification

Vibration-Resistant On-Board IP Cameras for Rail Vehicles

Vibration-Resistant On-Board IP Cameras for Rail Vehicles

Resistant to strong vibrations and changing pressure conditions

Typical vibrations in railway applications make high demands on the system’s stability. Kappa uses a specific PCB design to protect camera technology against vibration fatigue. The highly robust outdoor cameras are designed for extreme environmental conditions under fast changing pressure conditions (e.g. tunnel entrance).

Weather-resistant cameras with broad temperature range for exterior use

Cameras’ operational safety must be guaranteed at any time of year, in any type of weather. With a temperature range of -55 to +75°C, protection up to IP 69 K, de-icing and nitrogen rinsing, Kappa cameras fulfill all requirements.

Day and night vision

Kappa's portfolio encompasses state-of-the-art solutions from VIS to LWIR / infrared (thermal imaging) . Thus we can provide safe rail vision solutions even for use under extreme low light conditions.


Extreme lighting conditions

Light conditions along the rail are difficult. Around the clock, rapid changes in light conditions, from glistening brightness to the darkness of a tunnel must be mastered while maintaining consistent image quality. At night, too, the camera must provide usable images. Using specially modified algorithms, Kappa HDR camera solutions reliably meet these requirements.

For limited storage and transfer capacities: image data compression using H.264

H.264-compressed HD streams are ideal for real-time monitoring and on-board recording. 


Standards and safety requirements

Processes in hardware and software and software development as well as in manufacturing according to the strict requirements of the rail industry, e.g.:

  • EN 50126: Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
  • EN 50128: Software for railway control and protection systems
  • EN 50129: Safety related electronic systems for railway applications
  • EN 12663: Mechanics
  • EN 50167: IT Security




We are your partner for forward-thinking certified railway vision solutions!

The market for camera systems is large — but in many safety-critical applications, these systems may only be used when certified according to a comprehensive standard (e.g. SIL 2/SIL 3). In these situations, you have a strong, specialized partner in Kappa: One of our core competencies is certification of vision systems requiring approval in different fields.

For your application we adapt our platform cameras exavtly to your specific requirements, e.g. with regard to the housing and mechanic adaptations, a specific PCB design and adapted algorithms.


Your camera partner:

Ethernet IP cameras

State-of-the-art CMOS technology

IR illumination (NIR)

Thermal cameras LWIR, SWIR (fog penetration)

ToF cameras (Time of Flight)




Mobile camera solution as video assistent for shunting tasks (day/night)

4G |5G |LTE  including priority SIM


Developing Solutions:

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Rearview cameras for platform monitoring

Pantograph camera for overhead line monitoring o

Frontview cameras 

Track monitoring (incl. track bed)

Railway switch monitoring

Railway wheel monitoring / railway brake monitoring (service)

Rail coach / wagon monitoring (e.g. counter)

Tunnel monitoring / bridge monitoring / Obstacle detection (e.g. trees)

Signal monitoring

Let's talk about your requirements!


Cameras for integration into customer systems

Complete systems with recorder/monitor


More about rugged camera design

High-end design assurance

Qualification according to strictest requirements

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