Kappa Environmental Management presents comprehensive concept.

Accompanying the ongoing Kappa Energy Saving Program, the Kappa Environmental Team presented exciting projects for the current year:

- a fundraising campaign for the Worbis Bear Park, where, among others, rescued bears from Ukraine have found a new home;

- the cultivation of a bee-friendly flowering meadow on the Kappa site;

- the purchase of smart heating thermostats to fully exploit potential for energy savings;

- the increased introduction of healthy and resource-saving vegan alternatives in the cafeteria with accompanying information offers, e.g. oat milk;

- the introduction of recycled toilet paper (Kappa toilets are already flushed with rainwater);

- conducting a broad survey to make environmental management even more effective.

Thanks for nudging us, Kappa trainees! And we certainly jump on what is probably the only opportunity in Kappa history to post a picture of a bear in a meadow of flowers?.