29.11.2012, 00:00

Innovation Award for Digital Rearview Mirror

Innovative Digital Rearview Mirror for One-Litre Car VW XL1

The Innovation Award of the Counrty Göttingen was awarded for the 10th time this year.

This year's awardee in the category "Companies with more than 20 employees" is Kappa optronics with the digital rearview mirror for Volkswagen XL1.

As a development partner with Volkswagen, Kappa optronics has developed an innovative, complex camera solution that represents a technical breakthrough on an international scale.

The goal was to develop a camera, eligible for certification under the German Road Traffic Ordinance, that can fully process the complex light relationships and physical operational demands of road traffic.


In future, the final camera/monitor system should fulfill all legal requirements and serve as an alternative to conventional rearview mirrors.