13.12.2018, 00:00

In the new year, everything is possible. Lovely to have you with us!

Kappa is looking back upon an intensive year in 2018. We wish you happy holidays — may you arrive in the New Year healthy and fully rested!

Kappa is looking back upon an intensive year in 2018. What’s new?

Seeing more: We are expanding our field of view. Where we were focused on the VIS/NIR spectrum in the past, now we're moving into the IR range up to LWIR with new cameras. We’re working with some exciting sensors, such as microbolometer sensors. This way we expand our portfolio with numerous powerful solutions for low light applications, not only in the area of aviation & defense.

Separating more clearly: We are separating our Defense and Vision Solutions areas. This move makes sense because customers and demands differ markedly in both worlds.

Solving comprehensively: We are further distinguishing ourselves in the field of Vision Solutions. Here, we are your partner for complete and specific solutions, particularly for any customer whose application lies somewhat outside the mainstream — and precisely for customers who are seeking not just a supplier, but a genuine partner.