19.03.2020, 00:00

We’re here, we’re on it!

Even in these hard Corona times: We will continue to be available for you at any time! We are working on your orders and we’re delivering!

Our development is humming and we are looking forward to tackling new projects.  Currently, we have no supply chain problems.  Yes, here as everywhere, things are crazy. We are doing everything we can to keep our business running well under these altered conditions, and to that end, we have put a number of measures into place. Everyone who can work remotely is in their home office. We are well connected, and we are taking full advantage of digitalization. The Kappa main office is still open and working conditions for our colleagues in manufacturing have been modified. True, nothing is really normal, and certainly not for us. But this is how it should be — with cautious social distancing, heightened hygiene rules followed carefully, and strong work morale. Obciously, all scheduled events for the next timelike trade shows are cancelled or postponed.

We wish you all the best — stay healthy! 

Your Kappa Team